Monday, May 16, 2016

Coheed & Cambria, March 2, 2016, Echostage, Washington, DC

#66 of Coheed
March 2, 2016
Coheed & Cambria
Echostage, Washington DC

Most of this post is complaining about parking...

First time at Echostage. It is not in a very convenient location. Yes, you can drive there pretty easily but parking is a bitch. I tried Parking Panda and chose one of the mid-price lots that, on the map, looked pretty close. But, it was very confusing trying to find that particular lot, and then when we finally found it, the parking attendant was sitting in his car and was so stoned that he couldn't tell me if I was in the right place. Also, there were raccoons running around between the cars so I just parked on the street. My roommate still claims I was trying to get her infected with rabies.

Anyway, we got there in time for Glassjaw, whom I don't recall seeing before even though they're the godfathers of emo and are from New York state. It's likely that I did see them at some point in college, but I went to so many shows and never wrote anything down then that I only remember a handful of what I saw. At any rate, they and I are old and still rock. I wish that they had a longer set.

Finally, 6 months after buying the tickets to the Color Before the Sun tour, for the 66th time, Coheed & Cambria. I was really excited to see the new album live and their lighting was really impressive. Very good crowd too. There were even some surprises (for me anyway) in the setlist.
I'm very happy for their success but a little depressed I can't go follow them around anymore, particularly at $45/ticket. 

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